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Aussie Names is a reseller of an auDA accredited Australian domain name registrar.

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Hi, my name is Robert Kaay.

I am the managing director of KAAY Holdlings Pty Ltd, the company that controls Aussie Names, Aussie Hosting and DBR (Domain Broker Australia). 

I formed these internet domain name and hosting businesses in 2013 because I was tired of being treated like a number amongst thousands of other domain name holders by large domain name and hosting companies.

That is me in the picture right there. I know, it’s sort of geeky, but what can I say? I LOVE technology and I’m good at it. I speak the native tongue.

When I’m not helping my clients secure the best domain names in Australia (and the world at and, or helping my team help our clients set up their emails on our hosting service ( I am normally inside a data centre, performing ISO environmental tests to ensure the data keeps on flowing!

Although we keep our pricing highly competitive for domain name licensing (come on, $30 per year?!) and website hosting (again, come on, from $77 per year!), I admit we are not the cheapest. We are certainly not the most expensive though, either.

What you will find with us, however, for a slightly higher premium, is a 1300 support number which I deliberately answer myself (most of the time!). Or, at least one of my small-teamed, highly-trained staff members answers (during business hours) on your first few rings. Our whole intention is to sort your problem out within minutes, instead of days.

We do not divert our phone calls to overseas technical support people.

Our 1300 76 55 66 phone number does not use automated messages asking you to push various buttons to be transferred to somewhere else in the world where you will probably become more frustrated than when you first picked up the phone. When you ring our number, you get a real person.

My small team and I are technologically advanced in the field of buying and selling domain names, website hosting, email setups and we have direct access to the data centre servers we hire to run our own business. We operate from our cozy fourth-storey South Perth office situated across the road from the Perth Zoo (sometimes we even hear the lions roar!) As I mentioned, my staff and I LOVE domain names and the power of the internet in this day and age. We especially love how this technology can empower us all to run our own businesses exactly how we like and in time frames that are very manageable (which is great for raising a very-new young family, I am finding!)

If you are thinking about transferring all of your domain names to somewhere that actually cares about you, your names, your privacy and your business, feel free to give me a call on 1300 76 55 66 during business hours and we can talk about your options.

We will deliberately never be a huge company. Google’s mantra has always been “Don’t be evil!, whilst our mantra is “Don’t become massive and impersonal!

For three years now, our aim has always been to attract quality clients who like a personal, reliable, quality-controlled, discrete, secure, premium Australian domain name and hosting service.

We look forward to working with you.

Robert Kaay.

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Domain Name Registration and Acquisition

In addition to great pricing, Australian-based servers and a commitment to quality client service,
we offer web hosting, email setup, website design, and premium domain name acquisition services.

What are Domain Names?

Domain Names are digital addresses you tell people so they can locate your business on the internet. There are endless possibilities and that is why you want something that not only sounds cool, but is easy to remember. Ever listened to the radio where companies advertise their website and then later that day you try to remember it but you can’t? That’s because their domain name is not catchy enough or too hard to remember.

Without trying to rush you, the longer you wait to register your domain name, the greater the chance it will be gone when you get around to it. We highly recommend you register your domain name today, even if you’re not ready to build a website on it for a while.

We provide endless options of Australian domain names where you can register your .COM.AU, .COM, .ORG, .CO, .NET and much more.

Domain registration can be confusing for people who haven’t done it before. We are the first choice for many Australians registering domain names for the first time because of our premium, personal service and our realistic prices.

In some cases we are five or ten percent more expensive than our competitors, but we believe we give you ten times more value and support with our premium, personal services. We’re not trying to be the cheapest. We’re trying to be the best in our industry and we strive to make things as easy as possible for you to understand, by taking care of all the complicated stuff on our end.

Simply head to Aussie Domains and type in the domain name you wish to register and select your extension (e.g. – .COM, .COM.AU, .NET, .ORG, .CO). If you’re confused on which extension to register, we can recommend the following;

  • .COM.AU is the single-most trusted Australian domain name TLD (top level domain) for Australian businesses. If you are running an Australian business, this is your best option. Please note you must have an ABN or company number to register a .COM.AU domain name.
  • .NET.AU TLDs are usually used by Australia businesses when their preferred .COM.AU name has already been taken. The guys over at Domain Broker Australia can help you try to secure your preferred name if you would prefer a .COM.AU(.) For your info, .NET.AU TLDs are said to be worth one-tenth the value of a .COM.AU TLD.
  • .COM is by far the most popular for worldwide options and general domain registration.
  • If you are a Not-for-Profit business or charity try using .ORG for Organisation – this has become world renowned and trusted by people that visit your website, they see that you are not a selling company.

Once you have decided on what is right for your websites’ use you can use our search form at the top of our home page to ensure your name is available. Next you simply check out, make your payment and your domain will be instantly activated and you’re done and ready to go. One of our technicians will email or phone you within a few hours to make sure you understand what your next step is. It’s as simple as that!

And what if the domain name you want is taken you ask? Head over to Domain Broker Australia and the guys over there will go through various options that we’re sure you will be pleased with.

At Aussie Names we pride ourselves on being the easiest to use and best value registrar in the business.

All our domain names come with free, easy to use management tools, free domain parking, free domain transfer services and instant domain name approvals.

Register your domain name now!

What is Website Hosting?

Website Hosting and internet hosting mean the same thing. Web Hosting is a service that allows individuals and organisations to make their web site accessible to the world via the internet. Website Hosting is basically your own personal digital address on the internet in which your domain name lives and can be found.

You can think of it in the same way that people can send you paper postcards to your physical land address. But in this case, people can find your website when typing in your website address because your Web Hosting Service points your domain name to your personal digital address.

Our Australian web hosting service is called Aussie Hosting. Over at Aussie Hosting, we provide you with super-fast web hosting services on either a basic plan, or a lightning business plan. Our plans are very affordable and provide everything you need to host your website. Including a one-click WordPress Website setup option.

We believe we are the number one choice in Australia for web hosting. We believe our website speeds are up to 300% faster than most of our competitor’s website speeds. We offer you the fastest, most reliable web hosting every hour of every day of every year.

As the best choice for cheap local Australian web hosting, we take care of all the complicated stuff and offer you easy to use web hosting services. We provide you with 24/7 technical support and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee on your web hosting choices.

At Aussie Hosting we pride ourselves on being the easiest to use, offer premium personal support and up to 300% faster web hosting services than our local Australian web hosting companies.

Head on over to Aussie Hosting once you have purchased your domain name from this website and you’ll have your very own website up and running in no time.